Automatic Holiday Update Program

Since Media99 began in 1998 our philosophy has always been that the florist should be able to decide what products and holidays they promote on their florist eCommerce website. After all, you know what flowers you have in stock, what flowers are available in your area, and what holidays are popular in your community.

One of the trends we have noticed in the florist website industry is there are certain florist holidays that come around every year, and most florists want to take advantage of marketing to this audience on their website. The Automatic Holiday Update program was introduced to facilitate participants having these holidays listed on their websites automatically. The program is free, and it is a great way lighten that list of things to remember.

Every year Media99 releases a calendar of the holidays included in the AHU program and publishes the information on the homepage of SiteWorks, your online florist website management software. While viewing the upcoming holidays on the homepage you can easily click the link to both products and categories on the SiteWorks navigation and make sure your category is ready to be listed on your florist website.

The listing calendar for holidays includes the dates of the holiday itself, as well as the dates in which Media99 will be adding and removing these holidays from your florist website. If you are a member of the AHU program and decide that you want to list a particular holiday sooner than our calendar, simply send us a request on the HelpDesk and we will be happy to oblidge.

Over the years since it's introduction, the Automatic Holiday Program has had a very positive impact on the florist websites enrolled. We have seen both increased website sales and increased ease of website management from our clients. Options like the AHU program help keep your florist website fresh with current holidays and keeps your customers coming back to buy more flowers for more occasions.

Click Here to enroll in the Media99 Florist Website Automatic Holiday Update Program