Automatic Holiday Update Program

Since Media99 began in 1998 our philosophy has always been that the florist should be able to decide what products and holidays they promote on their florist eCommerce website. After all, you know what you have in stock, what is available in your area, and what holidays are popular in your community.

However, there are also those holidays that come around every year. The Automatic Holiday Update program was introduced to facilitate participants having these holidays listed on their websites automatically. The program is free, and it is a great way lighten that list of things to remember. The following holidays appear on your florist website during the listing dates, and are removed when the holiday is over.

Below you will see the holidays chosen for the current and upcoming seasons, as well as the form to enroll in the Automatic Holiday Update program. Once you have enrolled you will be added to AHU email mailing list and will receive updates and reminders of upcoming holidays.

Seasonal Schedule
Winter - December, January, February
Spring - March, April, May
Summer - June, July, August
Autumn/Fall - September, October, November
Seasons will be changed during the first week of the month in which the respective season begins.

2016-2017 Holiday List
Holiday and Date
Listing Date
Boss's Day - October 17, 2016
9/26/16 - 9/30/16
Thanksgiving - November 24, 2016
11/1/16 - 11/4/16
Christmas - December 25, 2016
Valentine's Day - February 14, 2017
1/16/17 - 1/20/17
Easter - April 16, 2017
3/20/17 - 3/24/17
Administrative Professionals Week - April 24 - 28, 2017
4/3/17 - 4/7/17
Mother's Day - May 14, 2017
4/17/17 - 4/21/17
Father's Day - June 18, 2017
5/30/17 - 6/2/17