Media99 Florial Website Design
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Floral Ecommerce Websites and point-of-sale integration for florists nationwide.

We have been providing affordable florist ecommerce services to florists all over the United States since 1998. Using our experience in the special niche that is the floral industry, we have the complete set of tools and the assistance you need to grow your floral business online. We interface with most POS systems, you can upload your own product images, set your own product pricing, decide what flowers your merchandise on your florist website, create discounts and promotions and much more!

The Media99 Wedding Gallery is now available.

Are you looking to become an independent florist? If so, a good place to start is your website. If you are a member of one or more of the wire services – don’t worry! You don’t have to leave them to have a custom website where you decide what products are on sale for the next holiday. Our florist ecommerce package includes professional, custom-designed websites where you sell your own arrangements alongside your choice of wire service products or none of them at all. You get to set the prices and can even create products for local delivery or pickup only.
Whether you want a website where you merchandise the wire service products the way you want, or you are a completely independent florist, our floral ecommerce services are the solution.

Media99 is an independent florist ecommerce company, and while we maintain good working relationship with the wire-services, we are not affiliated with them. Our client/partners have full control of the products which appear on their website.