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What web browser are you using?

Chances are you have heard this question before, probably from the staff at Media99. The answer to this question, while not as straight-forward as it ought ot be, can help troubleshoot a plethora of problems you may encounter when looking at websites - even your own.

We get a ton of different answers from "the one that came on my computer" to "microsoft firechrome?" to "what is a web browser?" Now there is a way to find out with just a click of a button.

Now there is a very easy, accurate way to tell which web browser you are using which is made possible by the folks over at Just by visiting their website you will see basic information about your browser, operating system, cookies, Java, screen resolution and more (the image to the right is only a representation of what you will see).

Bottom line, now there is a way to check your browser without having to rifle through menu after menu, figuring out which option will tell you the answer without a bunch of internet-code jibberish you could do without. The answer is right in front of you in plain english. Simple as that.