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Valentine's Day Marketing for the Florist

With Valentine's Day approaching there are many opportunities for season-specific marketing. Get their attention and gain sales with the ideas below.

Reserve Cash-and-Carry
Valentine's Day is on Friday - Date Night. Since many will be making their way to packed restaurants, why not start their evening on a good note? Give them the option to reserve their flower order online to be picked up Friday (and reduce the number of deliveries you'll have to make.) They order from your eCommerce site, stop in to pick up the flowers, and arrive at their date's doorstep delivering both smiles and flowers - it's perfectly romantic! Don't forget the cash-and-carry specials for customers who need their flowers on the go, too (and procrastinate)!

Email Marketing
Send a quick reminder or two to your customers when they're online and in the shopping mood. We have a variety of fun designs that will get their attention and can generate more online traffic - and more sales. Login to SiteWorks and make your request before the holiday rush.

Banners and Product Categories
Make it easy for your online customers to find Valentine's Day products. Draw visual attention to Valentine's Day on your home page with one of our banners (pictured on the left) or create your own. Add the category - with products - to your website sooner than later for those who want to avoid the rush and order early.

Something Besides Roses?
Sure! There's always the guy who buys roses every year. But what about the growing segment of the market looking for something different? As you create your menu of featured items for the holiday, consider incorporating some designs that focus on other favorites, such as lilies or tulips.

Bouquets & Packages for the Big Spender
For those customers who want to make a really BIG impression, make it easy! Include in your selections a few higher priced bouquets and offer upgrade options. Package Deals are a great choice, too; include the bouquet, the bear, and the chocolates. It's possible that you may only sell five packages, but that's five more than if they weren't available.

Team Up With Another Business
Speaking of packages, consider working with another area vendor to offer a package deal that blends well. A good choice is a gift certificate to other local businesses such as spas, restaurants, coffee shops, bakeries, or movie theaters. Anything that might provide a second "treat" for the recipient.

Double the Roses
Here's another fun promotion idea: Offer a two for one on roses. Order roses for Valentine's Day, get a certificate for roses for free in July. It goes a long way with those who grumble over the price increase in February, and gives them an incentive to return to your shop during the slow season.

No matter which of these tips you employ, always remember that even if it is a huge holiday for florists, the customer has a simple objective - send flowers that make a good impression. Even if you have to take a few less orders, providing superb service will make the biggest impression on both the sender and recipient. Happy customers equal long-term good business.