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Photograph Your Shop's Custom Arrangements

Many florists create beautiful, custom arrangements and would like to photograph them for use on their website. There are many options for this. A stylish backdrop or background is a popular choice, along with a shot of the arrangement at the venue for which it was made.

But what if you want your arrangement on a white background? Well, here is one way to do that.

You can purchase a roll of solid white seamless background paper from a local photography supply company, many online photography supply companies or even Pricing varies but should be about $30 to $60, depending on the size of the roll.  Be sure to note the width of the roll, as if you plan to take pictures of floral arrangements such as easel sprays or other large bouquets you may want to purchase a roll that is about 107" wide.   (Don't want to have to shop for it in your "spare time"? Order online and have it delivered.)

You will gain the benefit of a seamless, smooth background that can be fairly easily stored in a corner somewhere in the shop. It also gives you a consistent look for all your floral product photos.  When it gets a bit dirty, toss that section of photograph paper in the trash and cut off a new one. It's light enough to stick a piece to a wall with a bit of tape but thick enough it won't be see through like fabric.

This is an inexpensive way to get a good background for all your floral photos and avoid the background filled with soda cans, file cabinets, scissors, other flowers, trash cans, designers arms or anything else that seems to clutter up the picture and makes for extra photo processing work later.

So, back to where you can get this paper. Here are a few online vendors:

These are just a few and a quick Google search will give you lots of other sources. Of course, we suggest and support shopping at a local vendor whenever possible (look for a photography supply shop.)

Happy shooting!