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Setup Custom Items as Local Delivery Only

If you are a florist, and if you are reading this your probably are, chances are you've designed an arrangement or two....hundred....thousand, okay. You get the picture. Many times custom floral arrangements need special handling to arrive at their destination in prime fashion. In these cases you don't want to trust these works of art to anyone but your carefully selected staff. This means no wiring out or trying to fill orders for items you can get locally at better value than in other areas of the country. These items are unique, and are only available to your local area.

Media99 has a simple method to specify when you want to keep a design local. Visit the Wiki99 article concerning Local Only. It shows you how to setup your custom items for Local delivery or pickup only. Now you can photograph your prize-winning floral designs, upload them to your florist website and make them available for purchase. And you don't have to worry about trying to wire out an arrangement that requires explaining to the filling shop's designer or one that comes in a container another shop can't begin to match. Your designs are limited to the area you service, and showing your distincitive style can give you an the edge over the local competition.

Login to SiteWorks today and click the Wiki99 logo at the top of the screen. This, along with many other tutorials, is live and ready to be viewed.