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3 Activities to do NOW for HAPPIER New Year

by Todd Greenwood, Media99 SEO/PPC Director

Optimize your web pages for faster sales conversion
As much as you like flowers, most people who shop online want to get in and get out fast. Make it easy for them to spend their money with you.
   - Limit each category to three pages of products. Maximum.
   - Place your best sellers on the first page of each category.
   - Make pages visually consistent and appealing. Think "Flower Eye Candy".

Update your top customer contact information
The extra "caring touch" goes a long way in sales and customer retention. Here's how you can do it:
Review your orders from 2013, and rank by total dollar amount -top to bottom - then contact your top customers individually to:
   - Thank them for their business
   - Validate their information (address, email, phone, etc.)
   - Ask if there might be anything coming up that you might be able to assist them with in the new year.

Consider offering Local Specials
This means creating and selling arrangements that only your shop produces and delivers to your local delivery area.
   - Offers could be based on deals you can negotiate with overstocks, etc. by your local wholesaler. This keeps costs and sale prices low while maintaining good profit margins.
   - It gives your designers a chance to showcase their talents
   - Have regular updates (i.e. monthly) as it can build repeat buying habits and help eliminate profit-draining order gatherers.

Local specials can be restricted for sales only in your area online via SiteWorks. (View Wiki99 topic "Set up a Product" for more details.)

Happy Selling!