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Florist Images - Should I/Can I use them?

We love creative and artistic images. They are a great addition to any florist's website, especially if they come from your shop. We often are asked about proper use of images and copyright rules. Here are some tips on using images from the web, and other various sources:

1.) Consider your source. Are they images your shop photographed? Are they from a stock image site? Are they from Google Images? Many stock art websites list the terms of use for their images.

2.) If you are using images that you found on Google Images on your florist website, be VERY careful. Many of the images uploaded are from individuals or companies who retain copyrights on the florist images which you are viewing. Take a close look at the copyright and licensing these images have. We prefer our clients avoid cease & decist letters with potentially costly results.

These are ugly and we don't like ugly. We are pretty sure you don't, either.Pretty and legal is a better choice.

The safest best is to be sure the images you are using on your florist website for backgrounds, logos, products, email marketing or anything else online or printed have an open license, have permission from the vendor/artist or are your own work.

3.) Do you want an image or graphic to use on your florist webiste, but aren't sure where to look? Here are a few sites to check out:

These are only a few of the many resources on the internet for images you can purchase for use on your florist website for a small fee, if not for free. Sources such as these can give you the license to use them as you wish. You can use them, alter them, we can make custom mailers from them, etc. As said previously, we love creative ideas, but at the same time, we want to help protect our clients from potential legal issues from using images downloaded online.

Keep these tips in mind when looking for images for use on your florist website. We want your website to look awesome. If you, or an employee, is good with photography, or has a creative eye, give them a chance. The arrangements your flower shop and floral designers create are what sets you apart from the drop-ship "flowers-in-a-box, assemble-it-yourself" vendors. Is there a new guy in town that sells dozens of roses for cheap? Create a custom bouquet that puts them to shame, photograph it and then prmote it. We recently shared an article on our Facebook page about creating customer memories in retail. This is what keeps them coming to you.

Wow them. Make them remember you. That's what repeat customers are made of - warm, fuzzy memories that leave them smiling.