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New Delivery Cut Off Time Options!

Does your florist have different hours on Saturday? Do you need to cut off same-day delivery earlier than the rest of the week? We've been asked about expanding the options for delivery cutoff times and that has now been answered. We have added a whole new set of options, including cut-off times by day of the week or for specific dates. Here is a quick overview of the new options:

  • As you'll notice, there are now options to change your delivery cut off times for each day of the week. You can set your default cut off time first, and then specify the times for specific days, such as Saturdays.

  • The next option gives you the choice of setting cut off times for specific dates. This is ideal for holidays where you may be closing early such as Easter, or July 4th. Specify your date and time for up to six future dates and let SiteWorks take care of the cut off time for you. Just be sure and click the Save button at the bottom

    For complete step-by-step instructions on how to use these new options, login to SiteWorks and click on Wiki99 at the top. The Wiki topic Delivery Cutoff Time will walk you through this process and is accompanied by screenshots.